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What started merely as an idea turned into a pursuit. The pursuit then became a passion. After working in the outdoor industry for large corporations, we were able to experience firsthand that their focus is completely misaligned. The corporate end goal is always the same: financial gain. Day-to-day operations, procedures, allocation, merchandise selection/availability, and customer sales (just to name a few) are all crafted solely to maximize profit. In turn, the customer oftentimes doesn’t receive the right product or service that suits their needs. This is unacceptable. As such, The Sendicate Ski & Cycle was founded in 2019 by two industry professionals with a shared vision: the need for a local ski and cycle shop in our community with a focus on expert, quality work, fair prices, and always pursuing what is truly best for you and your equipment – bar none. Here at The Sendicate, we have an unrelenting passion for these sports and want to share that with you. Scroll down to learn more about our team.

Welcome to the The Sendicate Ski & Cycle family!



the team


Founder, Owner

Hi, welcome to The Sendicate Ski & Cycle! I specialize in winter sports. I’ve been skiing for 26 years and have had the chance to ski all over the world. I also love to skydive, speed fly, climb, backpack and mountain bike. I’m always looking out for the next powder day or jump from 14,000 feet. I firmly believe two things: 1) There are no friends on powder days, and, 2) Telemarking is stupid.

Contact: luke@thesendicatecolorado.com


Founder, Owner

Welcome to The Sendicate! I specialize in bike service and technology here. I have been biking for over 20 years. I spend most of my time mountain biking and downhill riding, but occasionally get out on the road bike if the weather is nice. I also enjoy climbing, hiking, snowboarding and running. I am always looking for an excuse to get up to the mountains.

Contact: conrad@thesendicatecolorado.com


Media Coordinator

Hey! I specialize in all media outreach and systems administration here at The Sendicate. I enjoy mountain biking, skydiving and camping. If I’m not stuck behind a computer, you can find me out exploring.

Contact: matt@thesendicatecolorado.com


Chief Treat Officer

I am in charge of eating, playing in water and taking naps at The Sendicate Ski & Cycle. In my spare time, you can find me playing fetch with anything that you can throw. Tennis balls are a personal favorite. I wish winter was year-round!

Contact: bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee!